Embryo Adoption

Embryo Adoption/Donation in India

Embryo Adoption

Embryo Adoption

Embryo Adoption is another new method to help build your family. It combines the Assisted Reproduction Technology with Adoption. In fact, it is an adoption at the ‘Embryonic’ level. The embryos come from the IVF/ICSI procedures performed on couples who are recruited to our IVF/ICSI programmes. These are ‘Top Rated’ Super numerary embryos which are transferred to prospective adoptees uterus. For young women, we can transfer these embryos in her natural cycle, two day after her ovulation. However, older women and certain other women need a pre-treatment before embryos are transferred into their uterus.

The procedure is called ‘Adoption’ because the couple who adopts the embryos has no ‘Genetic’ connection to it. However, unlike the traditional baby adoption, the recipient mother undergoes pregnancy and labor and gets a‘True’ sense of motherhood.

At our clinic we maintain extreme ‘confidentiality’ and there is no contact between Donor couple & recipient couple. An embryo Adoption cycle at our clinic costs $ 5000/- only.

FAQ’s on Embryo Adoption

What are embryos and what is Embryo Adoption?

Embryos are oocytes(eggs) that are fertilized with sperm and allowed to mature to a certain stage whereupon they can either be transferred FRESH into the womb of a suitably treated woman OR can be cryo-preserved or FROZEN at a temperature of minus 196 degree Celsius by a process called ‘Vitrification’. The process of Vitrification has made embryo banking feasible as the embryos can be stored without them getting damaged and the pregnancy rates after their de-vitrification (warming) are almost comparable to those of fresh embryo transfer. The woman needs to have a uterus capable of carrying a pregnancy.

Where do these embryos come from?

Sourcing of donor embryos can be broadly categorized into two groups.

Firstly ,when we perform IVF and ICSI procedures, young women often produce many eggs and therefore many embryos. The embryos that remain surplus after we transfer the requisite embryos into that woman’s uterus, are stored. We do this by a process called ‘Vitrification’ and then freezing them in liquid nitrogen at minus-196 degree Celsius.If the parents get pregnant,they often agree to donate their surplus embryos to other infertile couples to enable them to start their families.

Secondly, the embryos are derived from donor’s eggs fertilized by anonymous donor sperms .We will be pleased to find you an egg donor as we have many healthy young fertile fully evaluated and properly counselled donors on our list, who have beenproperlyscreened for infectious diseases like hepatitis and AIDS and also medically tested for their fertility potential In order to enable us to select the best egg donor for you ,you need to send us your photo and your physical characteristics (we will provide you the format for your basic data and physical characteristics, you just have to fill it up and mail back to us.) The selected matching egg donor will be then stimulated exclusively for you, ensuring a high success rate. Egg donation in our clinic is anonymous and confidential ,which means that the donor and the recipient would never meet. If you have any special requirements for an egg donor, we will advertise on your behalf and find someone who matches your wishlist, however it will involve an additional cost.

What tests does an aonumous Egg Donor Undergo?

Our anonymous egg donors are between 21 and 35 years already having healthy children. Their selection process includes medical history ,gynecological examination ,blood analysis and ultrasound scans. Blood tests for HIV ,Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis, .Thalassemia are all carried out. Karyotyping is conducted to rule out chromosomal abnormalities.Vaginal cytology and bacteriological study of cervical secretions may be done if Bacterial Vaginosis is suspected. Any other specific testing required by you can be offered at an additional cost. Only after the results of these tests are normal,thedonor gets recruited into egg donation programme after a thorough psychological evaluation and counseling.

The selection of a particular donor for a recipient couple takes into account physical characteristics like age, weight, height,blood group hair colour ,eye colour etc.

What tests does an anonymous sperm Donor Undergo?

Our anonymous sperm donors have to meet strict selection criteria before they can be recruited as sperm donors.They are between 21 to 35 years of age,physically and mentally healthy,undergo thorough clinical historytaking,particularly to rule history of inheritable diseases and to rule out drug addiction, drug abuse , and physical evaluation. Basic laboratory tests like complete blood count, blood group and Rh typing ,tests to rule out diabetes mellitus, thyroid function tests,seminogram and sperm culture as well as serological tests for syphilis ,HIV, Hepatitis Band C Cytomegalovirus (CMV) ,Chlamydia antibody tests, are performed.Moreover, karyotyping is performed to rule out chromosomal abnormalities.

Any other specific testing required by you will be offered at an additional cost. The donated semensample from such a donor stays frozen quarantined for six months ,after which the donor is again tested for HIV and if then found negative, the semen is utilized for fertilization.

Who are the good candidates for Embryo Adoption?

Embryo Adoption is an alternative for infertile couples who need egg or sperm donation, for example, women who have attained premature menopause, or who have undergone oophorectomy but have intact uterus, or who cannot produce good quality eggs like patients with endometriosis, elderly women, repeated IVF failures, prolonged unexplained infertility ,or those with severe male factor abnormality like azoospermia or severe oligo-asthenospermia, etc.

How does the Treatment Begin?

The treatment process begins with your initial visit to myself,DR.R.S.VAIDYA at Kalyan, or by your telephone call to me or your contact to me via e-mail:[email protected] going through your clinical history and if present in person your physical evaluation, you may be asked to carry out certain tests which you can perform in your town and inform me the results. After studying the testreports ,you will be advised treatment appropriate to you ,which normally begin from the first day of your menses. Donor’sstimulation will begin after your treatment begins. During your treatment you will be advised one or two sonography scans to judge your uterine response,which can be performed by doctor in your town and results communicated to me.The donor, after careful stimulationwill undergo ovum pick-up at an opportune time,and the oocytes will undergo ICSI from approved and carefully selected donor’s frozen, .quarantined sample. You need to be at Kalyan only a day prior to donor’s ovum pick-up .Usually, within 48hours of ICSI the top quality embryos will be transferred into your uterus. Embryo transfer is a non-surgical procedure and doesnot involve any risk. The procedure doesnot require hospitalization and you can go home in two hours.Twoweeks after the embryo transfer. you undergo a blood pregnancy test (serum beta hcgtest) to find out whether you have conceived.

For patients coming from outside Kalyan, we can arrange your stay either at our hospital or into any of the many good hotels in the close vicinity of our centre , through the ground logistics company who will make your stay comfortable. You need spend maximum 5days at Kalyan.

What is the pregnancy rate with Embryo Adoption?

The pregnancy rate at our centre is roughly to the extent of 50% per cycle. There are two reasons for this high pregnancy rates.Firstly, these are excellent quality embryos as their sibling embryos have resulted into a successful pregnancy and therefore the parents of these embryos are willing to donate these frozen embryos to another couple. Secondly, we meticulously preparethe recepient’s endometrium using hormones which leads to improved receptivity of the recepient’s uterus to these embryos .

What about Confidentiality?

We at our clinic handle the embryo donation like a closed adoption. There is no contact between the donating couple and the recepients ,who never see each other .In fact,the recipient couple doesnot even need to inform their obstetrician that they achieved their pregnancy through embryo adoption.

How much does Embryo Adoption Cost?

An Embryo Adoption at our centre costs $ 5000 only This is all-inclusive (Consultations,Scans ,Blood tests if any during the treatment ) and includes medication costs as well. Obviously, the cost doesnot include your travelling expenses, cost of your accommodation, cost of your personal maintainenceetc .etc.

Information for International Patients for Embryo Donation

International Embryo Adoption

International Embryo Adoption

For International patients ,reaching our Ankur Fertility Centre at Kalyan is easy . Kalyan is a prominent town situated just 25 miles from Mumbai .Mumbai has an International Airport and is connected to almost all the prominent cities across the world. It takes just 40minutes to travel from Mumbai Airport to Kalyan by a car.

You can book your tickets on-line or by asking the travel agents in your city .Our Ankur Fertility Centre has many good hotels in it’s vicinity. We can arrange the assistance of a ground logistics company, whose team of professional managers can book comfortable rooms in these hotels for you. In fact, right from receiving you at the airport, transporting you to already booked hotel nearby our clinic, your local sight-seeing bookings and transports in India, and your visits to our clinics during your stay in India etc. can be arranged through the professional services of this logistic company.

All your preliminary testing can be performed bya doctor in your town ( you can get advised about these tests through interaction with us via e-mail),which will save your ‘treatment time’ spent in India. This means, with a well-planned schedule, you only need to spend about 3 to 5 days at our centre to complete the Embryo-Adoption treatment. You need to reach our centre one day before the Egg-Pick up of the Egg Donor, which will be intimated to you 8 to 10 days in advance.

Adoption Center

Adoption Center

Thus, you may find it easier and less stressful getting treated at our Victoria International IVF & Embryo Adoption Centre ,than in your home country. Taking off 5 to 7 days in a relaxed setting where you can bond with your partner will only help promote an optimal outcome. Also, if you wish, you can do a lot of sight-seeing and be less obsessed with treatment protocols than you would have if you were at your home and working.There are a lot of tourist attractions in India where you can fly ( which can be arranged for you by our company ) like for example the TajMahal at Agra or Lake Palace at Udaipur or scenic beauty of Kerala or sandy beaches of Goa etc. etc. Also, you have fewer responsibilities to worry about and therefore can concentrate on you treatment cycle well than if you were in your home country .Our sincere intention will be to make your trip a pleasant, memorable and truly ‘ fruitful’!

Embryo adoption can be done as a service of an individual fertility clinic or by any of several organizations.