FAQ’s on Surrogacy in India

Understanding the many complex issues related to surrogacy can be a daunting task for intending parents. The procedure may involve self IVF, donor egg IVF, and the like. There are also types of surrogacy: traditional and gestational. But the latter is most preferred because of the comparatively less chances for legal complications.

My own child

My own child

Opting for surrogacy is a major decision in your life. Surrogacy in India is much cheaper than that in the US, the UK, Australia or any other developed country. But, you need to understand all aspects of surrogacy before you take the ultimate decision. We have tried to make the process easier for you by listing important questions to which you should know the answers, before making up your mind on surrogacy. We have put in our best to make this list of FAQs as comprehensive as possible. If there’s still something that has not been covered below, feel free to contact us, using the form on the right.

Will we have any involvement in the selection of surrogate? Can we meet our surrogate?

Surely,  any  time  or  any  number  of  times. Except  in  the  case  of  egg  donor,  which  has  to  anonymous, you  can  surely  meet  the  surrogate. However,  we  feel  that  the  selection  be  better  left  to  us,  as  her  medical  fitness  is  more  important  than  the  appearance, as  she  is  just  going  to  nurture  your  baby  and  as  such  there  will  be  no  ‘Genetic  linkage’  with  your  baby  who  will  inherit  all  the  characteristics  from  you  and  your  husband.

How do you select a surrogate? What are your criteria? What tests does surrogate undergo?

Regarding  Surrogate  selection  process and  tests  performed  on her—everything  is  given  in  detail  on  this  website, we  request  you  to  please  go  through  those  pages.   Summarily  stated,we  do  look  for  a  healthy  family  background, surrogate’s   physical,  mental  and  social  health, husband’s  consent, personal  habits  and   screen  them for  infection  status  –everything  given  in  details  on  this  website.

Is surrogacy legal in India?

Yes, surrogacy  is  legal  in  India  and  there  will  be  well  formulated  agreement  signed  between  surrogate,  us  and  you  by  our  attorney  and  our  team  at  “ Surrogassist”  will  facilitate  all  the  necessary  documentation, paperwork  etc.  for  you  to  make  surrogacy  process  a  hassel-free  journey  for  you  and  will  be  with  you  at  each  and  every  step  right  upto  exit  visa.

How will we be informed about the progress of the surrogate’s pregnancy?

You  will  be  periodically  updated  about  the  progress  of  the  surrogate’s  health  and  pregnancy  status  either  by  mail  or  by  telephone.

What is the course of action in the event of multiple pregnancy?

In the event of higher  order multiple pregnancy option of ‘ fetal reduction’-whereby pregnancy is reduced to two or single fetus, is given to you and after your consent the procedure is carried out. Charges for fetal reduction are not a part of the package and are around $ 600.

What complications can occur during the surrogate’s pregnancy period?

Surrogate can have some  problems during pregnancy such as excessive vomiting, anemia, high blood pressure, ante or postpartum  bleeding, pre-eclampsia, diabetes mellitus, preterm labour, intrauterine fetal growth restriction etc.

What is the mode of surrogate’s delivery?

Although most surrogates deliver normally, a caesarean section may be required for an obstetric indication.

When will the baby be given to us?

Immediately on birth of the baby, if the baby is medically completely fit.

Will paediatrician be present at the moment of birth?

Yes, always, and only after paediatrician’s examination and opinion about baby’s health, the baby will be handed over to you.

Can baby be vaccinated?

Yes, vaccination can be arranged on request.

Is umbilical cord stem-cell banking facility available?

If you wish to do cord stem cell banking you have to inform us earlier at the time of signing the contract. This has an extra charge of around $ 1000.

Do you offer DNA testing?

This has to be informed in advance at the time of signing the contract. We charge $ 800 per parent  as extra charges, in addition to the package opted by you.

Can the surrogacy be arranged for a single parent also?

Yes, you can. If a single father wants to parent a child, surrogacy will be planned with your sperm and donor egg. The birth certificate of the baby will mention your name as the father and the mother’s name will be kept blank.

On the other hand, if you are a single mother who cannot bear a child for medical reasons, you can use a donor sperm and your egg so that the resulting embryo can be transferred into  a surrogate. In this case the baby’s birth certificate will mention your name as the mother’s name and the father’s name will be kept blank.

What documents or papers are required for departure from India?

All the list of documents will be provided/mailed to you by our legal advisors once you sign a contract.

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