Get your fertility treatment at affordable Cost in Mumbai

  • April 11, 2017

People are unaware about the IVF procedure and even wondered that how much IVF Treatment Cost Mumbai. As we all know that infertility is now affecting 1 out of 6 couples and IVF treatment has come a long way to help the infertile couples. If you are planning for IVF treatment then you should do as a part of your IVF preparation that you should speak to your fertility expert about the IVF Treatment Cost Mumbai so that you will not end-up with high bills by the end of the IVF treatment.

IVF Treatment Cost Mumbai

The IVF Treatment Cost Mumbai is usually around USD 5000, including all other medicines and expenses. However, most of the couples spend between USD 10,000 to 15,000 on their IVF treatment because they may need several other treatments depending on the condition of their infertility level and medical history. Also, the IVF Cost Mumbai can vary between IVF clinics.

Factors that influence IVF Cost Mumbai

Following are the factors that influence the IVF Cost Mumbai:

  • Women age: A woman under age of 35 years has a 70% chance of successful pregnancy in IVF cycle, whereas women over the age of 35 years may need more IVF cycles to get pregnant. The age of the women is the most important factor which affects the IVF Cost Mumbai.
  • Body Weight: Your body weight also affect the IVF Cost Mumbai because the more weight you have the more IVF cycles are required by you and also you need the high dosage to stimulate your ovaries so if you are planning for IVF treatment than you should maintain the ideal body weight according to your BMI (body mass index).
  • Lifestyle: Your lifestyle also affects the IVF Cost Mumbai. For e.g. if you are a smoker or consume alcohol you need to quit them before 3 months of your IVF treatment as they both required the high doses of fertility drugs to stimulate your ovaries which affect the chances of successful pregnancy.

Additional IVF Cost Mumbai

If IVF treatment alone not work for you and you required the advanced diagnosed with advanced fertility treatment then your IVF Cost Mumbai will increases. For e.g. if you need IVF with egg donor than your donor fees, agency fees, egg donor screening and lab charges will increase the IVF Cost Mumbai. If in case IVF with egg donor you are not able to carry the pregnancy in your womb due to some medical issues then you need IVF with surrogacy which increases your IVF Cost Mumbai because it includes the cost of the surrogate mother, screening, recruiting and legal fees of the surrogate mother.

IVF Treatment Cost Mumbai using IVF with egg donor is around USD 10,000 and IVF with Surrogacy is around 15,000. However, if you compared the IVF Treatment Cost Mumbai with other developed countries then you will find the IVF Cost Mumbai is very reasonable and it suits to your pocket as well. Nothing can take place when you see the smiling face of your baby in your arms at that time you forgot all the hurdles you passed through.

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