Guaranteed Baby Package

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Guaranteed Surrogacy Fees & Costs

How much does surrogacy cost?

Intended Parents should budget for an average cost of surrogacy ranging from $98,000 to $140,000, with an understanding the range is based on varying services and fees that may be required for each individual situation.

Surrogacy Fees

Surrogacy Fees

This includes the surrogate mother fee, the surrogacy agency fee, the cost of IVF and fertility treatments as well as pricing for legal, travel and other expenses.

We recognize this is an expensive process, but emphasize you budget for the associated costs appropriately. We are committed to protecting your financial and emotional investments, and are pleased to offer a platform of financial transparency and security for this sensitive endeavor. A comprehensive price schedule, detailing the costs of using a surrogate mother, will be provided during your individual consultation.

“Why are you half the cost of other surrogacy programs?”

The most frequent question received about our surrogacy program is: “Why are you half the cost of other programs?”. We have even had new patients report to us that they were concerned about coming to a program that seems to be far less costly than most other programs. Once they visit us as new patients however, our couples are pleasantly surprised. Our costs are kept low by a combination of providing our patients the option of referral to experienced surrogacy attorneys (one of our attorney referral sources successfully argued and prevailed in the California Supreme Court case establishing the indisputable parental rights of couples over the gestational surrogate), by applying time tested successful protocols for the achievment of pregnancy, by constantly carrying out a high volume of surrogacy cycles, and by eliminating the “middle man” price mark-ups seen in many programs and often disguised as “facility fees”, “Center fees” or other nondescript fee mark-ups. We also do not add foreign visitor surcharge fees.

Guaranteed Baby Delivery Package of Gestational Surrogacy – with Indian Egg Donors

Salient features :-

  • Offered for Heterosexual couples ,single Males/Females and Gay Couple opting for surrogacy with Indian egg donor
  • You will select 3 Premium Indian egg donors
  • We will do up to 7 embryo transfer (fresh and frozen) attempts in surrogates
  • 18 months of time period
  • If we still do not achieve live pregnancy of your baby, we will refund the advance paid
  • Two Visits: First Visit Would Be of 7 to 10 Days and Second Would Be of 12 to 15 Days
  • Approx Cost also Consider Cost of Baby exist visa and Full Surrogacy Procedure
  • 95% Success Guarantee For baby Delivery.


  • For the very first time offered by ACME IVF & Fertility Centre.
  • More than 90 patients already benefited from this brilliant treatment.

Register in the guaranteed baby package & you will get pregnant SURELY in 1 year. If not you don’t pay.

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