ICSI Treatment in Mumbai – The best fertility treatment for infertile male

  • August 22, 2017
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ICSI Treatment in Mumbai is the best fertility treatment for all those male members whose fertility is affected and they are unable to make conception naturally with fertile women.  ICSI Treatment in Mumbai is a fertility treatment which is used in half of all IVF treatments and will help you in conceiving a baby.

ICSI Treatment in Mumbai is similar to the IVF treatment the only difference is the part of fertilization. In IVF the fertilization begins in the IVF lab by mixing your sperms and your wife eggs together and in ICSI the fertilization is done through injecting a single sperm directly into each egg. The rest of the procedure for ICSI Treatment in Mumbai is same as an IVF.

Procedure of ICSI Treatment in Mumbai

The procedure of ICSI Treatment in Mumbai is consists of creating the several mature eggs for fertilization and your fertility expert will give some fertility drugs to your wife which helps to encourage her ovaries so that she will produce more mature eggs for fertilization. The procedure of the ICSI Treatment in Mumbai is divided into five major steps which you need to follow to achieve the successful outcome of the procedure:

  1. a) Firstly, your fertility expert will ask you to produce your sperm sample on the same day when they collect your wife eggs from her ovaries. In case your fertility expert is unable to remove the enough sperm then they will extract your sperm surgically by using two methods: (i) Testicle, is a procedure known as testicular sperm aspiration (TESA), or (ii) Epididymis, is a procedure known as percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration (PESA).

If still, your fertility expert is not able to remove enough sperm for fertilization then they will use the advanced technology which is known as Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE).

  1. b) In the second step of ICSI Treatment in India, your fertility expert will extract your wife eggs surgically.
  2. c) In the third step of ICSI Treatment in Mumbai, your fertility expert will use the hollow needle through which they directly inject your single sperm into each egg of your wife.
  3. d) In the fourth step, your wife’s fertilized egg will be kept under observation and will be the monitor for its growth.
  4. e) The last step of the ICSI Treatment in Mumbai is that where your fertility expert will get the surety that the embryo has been developed properly and then the embryologist will implant the best-chosen embryo into the uterus of your wife to establish the successful pregnancy.

ICSI Treatment Cost Mumbai

ICSI Treatment in Mumbai is performed by your fertility expert where they use the specialized tools called micro-manipulation and for using this advanced tool the ICSI Treatment in Mumbai will cost you around USD 5500 including the cost of your IVF cycle as well. The ICSI Treatment Cost Mumbai will not include the medication which your wife required for stimulating her ovaries that will cost you extra.

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