International Patients

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International Patients General Information


The ACME Fertility prides itself in helping patients from around the world achieve pregnancy.  With fantastic assisted reproductive technology (ART) and third party reproduction success rates, state-of-the-art facilities, and superior liaison services, MyraIVF has gained vast international appeal as a leading ART Center.

International Patients

International Patients

As most ART treatments (egg donation, gestational surrogacy, IVF, gender selection) involve careful monitoring and coordination between multiple parties (egg donation agencies/egg donors, surrogacy agencies/gestational surrogates, the intended parents, pharmacies, legal consultants, outside clinics…), at MyraIVF we recognize that making your experience as simple and uncomplicated as possible is of paramount importance for a successful outcome.  As such, our Center has a dedicated team of professionals assigned to each patient/couple from the beginning to the very end of the process to ensure their experience is a positive one.

How do I get started:

Your first step is an initial telephone consultation with one of our board certified reproductive endocrinology infertility physicians.  Despite time differences which exist between your country and Mumbai, India, we will make ourselves available to you.  Please call our Center +91 84477-30206  to schedule your consultation.  I

What’s next:

Upon a careful evaluation of your individual case and fertility treatment needs and any past treatment cycles and diagnostic tests, a customized treatment plan will be formulated for you by the doctor and your case will be assigned to a dedicated nurse.

All aspects of your treatment, from ordering of medications, to creating a treatment calendar, to coordinating monitoring visits with local clinics in your country/city… will be handled by our staff.  In the case of third-party reproduction (egg donation, gestational surrogacy, combined egg donation/gestational surrogacy), our team will make sure all appropriate screening of egg donors and surrogates, as well legal items are handled on your behalf.

Our staff will make sure you are constantly well informed about your treatments through telephone and e-mail correspondences.

We get patients from all over the world USA, UK, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Netherlands, Sweden, Asia, Pakistan & Bangladesh.

We also have an active surrogacy programme for couples and single parent. We cater to around 10 patients every month from abroad, Our overall pregnancy success rate is 60 percent.

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