IUI Procedures in India – To maximize the chances of pregnancy

  • April 17, 2017
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IUI Procedures in India has also known an artificial insemination procedure in which the sperm placed inside the uterus of the women and this procedure will increase the chances of getting pregnant. The IUI Procedures in India is less invasive and less expensive.
In IUI Procedures in India, the time plays an important role in order to attain the positive results. This is more important than the actual intercourse because during this period the sperm will travel through the cervical canal of women and there are a number of glands in the cervix along with the mucous presence. They act as a reservoir for the sperm and over a period of few days, the sperms will be released into the uterus of women.
During the IUI Procedures in India, the male sperm will be released into the women uterus and it does not remain viable for few days. This is the reason that the sperm is inseminated at a time when they are nearest to the period of ovulation.
There is a certain manner in which the time of ovulation is determined. This is done with the help of the ovulation kit which measures the woman’s LH surge. The surge actually attains its peak about 12-24 hours prior the egg release. The fertility expert will then conduct the urine test for women and if the results are positive then IUI Procedures in India will be conducted on the following day.
While undergoing for the IUI Procedures in India, the couples need not abstain from intercourse and it is also very important to note that the sperm count of men is variable. The day when the ovulation gives the positive result, the fertility experts will suggest the couples go for intercourse or it can be planned on the same day when women receive the HCG injection.
Before placing the sperm into the uterus of the women it needs to be prepared first. The ejaculated fluid is comprised of sperm and seminal fluid. The seminal fluid carries the different hormones and chemicals which can cause the problem in IUI Procedures in India. The symptoms through which women can suffer are fever, cramps, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
The semen sample will be washed by laboratory so that the fertility expert will separate the semen from seminal fluid. After the semen is collected and liquefied then it will be mixed with sperm wash media and will be placed inside the instrument called centrifuge. This process will maximize the number of sperm which is placed inside the women uterus and also increases the chances of successful conception.
The IUI Procedures in India will take only a few minutes to complete and after that, your fertility expert will watch the signs and symptoms of pregnancy.
The IUI Cost in India is less expensive as compared with the cost of IVF treatment and will be easily affordable to all the couples.

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