Our Surrogate Home Care




We are proud to introduce our surrogacy support team. The physical and emotional well-being of our surrogates is IVF Health care’s number one priority.

Surrogates accommodation

IVF Healthcare provides accommodation for all surrogates enrolled in our program. Upon acceptance into our program each surrogate is allocated an apartment. Most surrogate mothers move into our apartments prior to treatment and live at the apartments after embryo transfer.


Advantages of staying in surrogate homes

  • Better control can be executed through co-ordinators & supervisor
    Proper surveillance and monitoring can be done w.r.t. Surrogate tests, medicines, food, nutrition & hygiene
  • Emergency situations can be handled and complications can be managed in time
  • A positive environment can be created for the surrogates through devotional music, extra curricular activities, entertainment tools, & by engaging them in developing vocational skills
  • Physical contact during crucial pregnancy phase can be avoided
    Prohibited activities during pregnancy like smoking, consuming alcohol, eating tobacco, etc can be controlled
  • Complete physical & mental rest can be ensured, especially after ET

IVF Healthcare social workers

A team of social workers, coordinators and caretakers either live at the surrogate accommodation or visit every day to assist our surrogate mothers with their every need. Social workers deliver each surrogate mother and her family a supply of fresh meat, fruit, vegetables, juice and milk every second day.

They ensure surrogates are taking prescribed medications, daily supplements to support pregnancy and are getting proper rest. Our social workers also provide assistance to our surrogate mothers’ families whenever there is need.

Surrogate Home Care:

  • All our Surrogates stay in our own Surrogate Homes under the supervision of our supervisors.
  • Extensive care is taken with regards to their food & nutrition for proper physical & mental well-being.
  • Their children can stay with the Surrogate Mother and their husband’s can also visit them periodically under our supervision.
    Various activities are carried out to ensure that the bonding between surrogates of different castes and religions.
  • Special care is taken to ensure that they have a satisfying, happy and fulfilling experience.
  • Their bank accounts are opened and social id’s are created by Baby Joy to create their own identities and bring them to mainstream society.
  • ACME Fertility also provides insurance to all Surrogates in case of any calamity or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Proper arrangement like ambulance and a doctor is done to ensure preparedness in case of any medical emergency.
  • The SMs are also made to undergo vocational courses to make then financially independent after their life as a Surrogate is over.
  • Finally, all basic amenities like water purifier, refrigerator, Television etc are provided to make their stay comfortable.
  • ACME Fertility’s team celebrates all occasions and festivals collectively with all the Surrogates to make them feel wanted and cared for.
  • Surrogate Mothers are being monitored on Daily basis and their activities are noted in the specialised formats to ensure proper Nutrition & medication intake and also ensure compliance with – Medicine Chart & Nutrition Chart
  • Periodic screening test and ultrasounds are performed as per – Antenatal schedule

Social workers accompany our surrogates to their medical appointments, physical health check-ups, scans and on social outings. A team of drivers escort our surrogates when they leave the apartments.