Our Surrogate Home

Our Home-Surrogacy

The new ward can house 10 surrogate women with facilities like daily visits by our resident qualified doctors for their daily health check, frequent visits by our para-clinical staff to look into their welfare issues, recreational facility, food serving facility and access to our well developed “obstetric unit” for immediate attention to their pregnancy related problems.

Home Care

Home Care

Immediate access to our obstetric unit also ensures in-home care to our surrogates for vaginal delivery as well as for all emergency obstetric care including emergency caesarean section operation.

With the development of surrogacy facilities provided by IVF Clinic In India in the beautiful landscape of India, the infrastructure for the same is rolling out progressively. The most important requirement for fulfilling the demand of surrogacy is of course the availability of surrogate mothers. Their health and living conditions are also important to consider when they offer their candidacy for being a surrogate.

The surrogate homes have been developed with state-of-art facility fulfilling each and every requirement of surrogates. These homes have separate rooms equipped with modern facilities so that surrogate house must have all the required amenities inside the room. For entertainment facilities, surrogate homes have been provided televisions so that surrogate mothers might cheer themselves if feeling low anyways.


Resting facilities are properly available in surrogate home thus offering physical comfort to surrogates at its best. The homes are being cleaned properly and the hygiene is maintained for better health of surrogate. Maintaining hygiene is most important as it could affect surrogate’s health that will ultimately affect the health of newborn. Therefore, surrogate homes are cleaned properly.