Quality Control At ACME Fertility Mumbai

Quality Control is our foremost priority and we take full care of quality control at each & every step, whether it is in the labs, in the OT, or at any other step.

“Don’t fear of HIV or any other communicable infection when you are at ACME Fertility.”

After already being affected with the emotional burden of infertility, people often get worried with the danger of any kind of infection, transferable disease or danger of getting HIV.

At ACME Fertility we take due consideration and have strict quality control so that during the treatment there are no possibilities of reaching any transmittable sickness or contaminations. All disposable instruments are utilized at each step and there is no compromise at any step. World class & best brands are utilized.

We & our staff will help you to overcome from the biggest pain of your life. We value our patient’s emotions and care them from all the issues that’s why no used equipment is used in our clinic, in fact, we use all the fresh equipment even to perform a single or small step.

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