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Treatment for every budget and every patient. Here at ACME Fertility we understand that for some couples the cost of fertility treatment can be a substantial financial commitment.

With this in mind, the ACME Fertility has produced a range of low cost price packages to fit every budget and every patient looking to start a family.  For example, our egg-sharing programme already provides free IVF treatment to eligible women who donate some of their eggs. This programme is now available for women who would like to egg-share when they freeze their eggs or when they have treatment with their lesbian partner (partner to partner and egg-sharing).

We have found that not only do our three cycle packages reduce the financial burden of treatment, but following a course of treatment can reduce the emotional and physical burden by making treatment a less stressful time.

Surrogacy  Costs:-  Surrogacy  Package  customized  for  you  for  one  cycle  or  one  attempt.

Noteworthy aspects:

• IVF/ICSI/IMSI and Surrogacy with self and / or Donor eggs
• It involves attempt for surrogate mother pregnancy .Fresh embryos transferred in surrogate mother for pregnancy. If extra embryos left after transfer can be frozen for future use at an extra cost.
• Embryo freezing cost payable apart from this package as listed below in optional/additional services.
• Payments made in stepwise manner at different stages of treatment as detailed below.
• Semen freezing cost is included in the package
• Active assistance during first visit as well as next visit to take the baby back , for birth certificate ,Passport and exit visa from FRRO, DNA test



Under Surrogacy packages, the standard legal fee for documentation is included in the Pkg. if any additional legal help is required in the particular case, charges have to be paid for the same to the lawyer directly, clinic will take nothing for it.

Surrogate mother cost In India is are low. Our IVF and Surrogacy packages are designed as per the need of couple.

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