Surrogacy Cost Georgia

Surrogacy Cost in Georgia has eased the difficulties for many childless couples who were struggling from a long period of time to have an own baby but due to expensive surrogacy procedure, they are not able to afford it. All credit goes to the fertility experts in Georgia who come forward and offer the reasonable Surrogacy Cost in Georgia because their aim is not to make money out of couple’s pocket who was already struggling for their own baby. Their main concern is that each individual on this planet will enjoy their parenthood happily and the cost will not become a major challenge for them and this is the reason they have reduced their Surrogacy Fees in Georgia to see the smiling faces of the childless couples.

To offer the low Surrogacy Cost in Georgia does not mean that the fertility experts in Georgia will compromise the quality standard of the treatment. They offer you the same international quality standard of the treatment but at low-cost and also the medications which you require for stimulating your ovaries are also very less in Georgia as compare to other developed countries.

Georgia is the state which is now become one of the most demanded state and many international patients are traveling to Georgia to have their surrogacy treatment at low-cost and these numbers are increasing rapidly every year.

Surrogacy Charges in Georgia using Gestational Surrogacy

Surrogacy Charges in Georgia using gestational surrogacy is around USD 40,000 which includes all other expenses such as surrogate mother screening, recruiting, legal charges, food, clothing, accommodation etc., however, the Surrogacy Charges in Georgia will reduce to USD 35,000 if you will bring your own surrogate mother but you should ensure that the surrogate hired by you is medically fit for the procedure else you will end up with negative results.

Surrogacy Charges in Georgia using Traditional Surrogacy

Surrogacy Charges in Georgia using traditional surrogacy is around USD 35,000 including all other expenses and this cost of surrogacy will reduce down to USD 30,000 with your own surrogate.

Due to this low- Surrogacy Cost in Georgia people from other developed countries prefer Georgia where their dream of having an own baby will be achieved whereas in their own countries they have to spend a lot of money on the surrogacy procedures and hence it becomes difficult for many people to afford this procedure and the only option for them is the adoption. But now with the reduced Surrogacy Cost, Georgia people can enjoy their parenthood happily with their own baby.

Surrogacy Cost in Georgia having 2 cycles

The Surrogacy Cost in Georgia for 2 cycles is very economical here you can use your frozen eggs from your first cycle and can be implanted in the same surrogate mother which will cost you USD 5000 and if you wish to implant in the different surrogate mother then your cost of surrogacy will increase to USD 8000. However, this is the estimated cost and the actual charges will be confirmed once you meet your fertility expert.


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