Surrogacy Cost in Nepal

Surrogacy in Nepal – The Cost Aspect

Nepal is becoming the next ideal destination for intended parents looking forward to parenthood in case they are experiencing infertility. Surrogacy in Nepal has all to offer to intended parents to help them feel the joy of parenting. Surrogacy is the procedure for the people who cannot conceive naturally and thus choose an effective way to parent a child. Surrogacy in the beautiful natural destination of Kathmandu has got immense popularity because of the affordable cost of the procedure.

Surrogacy when attempted in western regions becomes a costly affair as the complete procedure may cost several dollars to intended parents. Hence, a number of folks consider surrogacy in Nepal an ideal step owing to the cost of the same.

The entire cost of surrogacy (including extended price) will go somewhere between US $ 30,000 in Nepal, which goes to US $ 50,000 or more in western destinations. However, the cost of surrogacy is lower in Asian regions; there is no compromise on the quality of the same.

The cost of surrogacy includes a bunch of services. In this procedure, the foremost cost included is the cost of surrogate that includes her accommodation cost; another cost included is egg picking cost or the cost of ICSI, cost of egg donation cycle and medication is an extended cost to be added to the cost of surrogacy. In addition to these costs, fee to be chosen agency is also included in surrogacy cost in Nepal.

All the costs when added can range anything between US $ 50,000 – US $ 60,000 in western destination. This will lessen to US $ 30,000 when the similar services are considered in any Asian region most especially in suburbs of Nepal. Nepal is the recent country to be added to the list of countries offering surrogacy. Even if Surrogacy in Nepal has already become popular.