Surrogacy for Gays in Nepal

Surrogacy for Gay Couples

Heterosexual couples to get the joy of parenthood.

Surrogacy for Gay Couples

surrogacy for guys couples

surrogacy for guys couples

The world has changed a lot and of course the stereotype rule that only allows heterosexual couples to get the joy of parenthood. In today’s contemporary world’s families do come in different forms. Couple as a husband and wife is the most common type of family we have seen flourishing till date. Besides the type of family we just explained, modern society supports the parental rights of singles, gays, adopted siblings, extended relations and more. We believe family is defined by the bond of relation between its members and not the stereotypes. We support the emotion of parents regardless of their gender to start their family and thus we make surrogates available for single and gays wishing to start their family. We are the reputed Acme IVF in Nepal offering this rewarding opportunity to gays coming from across the globe.

Same Sex Couples can Start their Family at Surrogacy Clinic Nepal

It is probably the most important step taken by Acme IVF in the suburbs of Nepal. Surrogacy for gay couples is available at a fraction of cost if compared with the cost taken in regions such as US and UK. We start offering surrogacy services by proposing consultation and the possible consequences of the procedure. We at Acme IVF will work with our clients till the end to offer the best as per their demand.

We have partners in different regions of Nepal who help us to meet with the demand of our clients. We will not take any consultation fee until the surrogate has conceived successfully. We have the best success rate in the province, which attracts foreigners from across the globe. The most amazing part of surrogacy in Nepal is availability of the same for gay and single couples. This facility is still not available in some of the developing nations such as India.

Surrogacy Cost Consideration across the Globe

  • Nepal is an extremely low in cost country if compared with the cost of the same in countries such as United States.
  • Total payment of surrogate mother in Nepal with latest innovation may range from US $ 15,000 to US $ 30,000 whereas the procedure may cost US $ 45,000 to US $ 60,000 as it has been surveyed.
  • Whereas in Nepal complete cost of surrogacy procedure can easily be estimated to about US $ 20,000, which is extremely easy if compared with the cost of US nations quoted above.
  • Besides the cost of procedure in Nepal, staying in Nepal is much affordable than trying to find out an affordable staying option there at any foreign nation.
  • Besides Nepal, India and United States, the cost of surrogacy in Australia comes in between Australian $ 30,000 – 40,000 excluding the expenses of the surrogate and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • Besides this, surrogate mother Ukraine price is between $ 24,000- $30,000.
  • Among all these places, the cost of surrogacy is most affordable in Nepal including the staying and food expenses.

Advantage of hiring surrogate through Surrogacy Clinic Nepal

The best thing about hiring a surrogate mother through Acme IVF is that you don’t need to get indulges in the mental stress of the hiring process.

  • Another benefit is that you get a surrogate mother as per your choice.
  • We offer you a surrogate under the financial budget as you have planned for the complete surrogacy procedure.
  • Prior to offering surrogacy facilities, we take all the responsibility of delivering a healthy baby and thus making the intended parents tension free on the part of the child.
  • All that you as a gay single or couples are required doing is to pay the bill for the procedure.
  • Making contact to a surrogacy clinic like us assures that your baby is in the womb of a lady who is not involved in any kind of cases, as surrogates are only employed after they successfully screened by a clinic.
  • Medication and treatment facilities are organized by us and thus there is no liability on the intended couple to get all these things done.
  • Making contact to Acme IVF offers a number of choices to the intended couple as a surrogacy clinic employ greater number of surrogates.
  • There are no such disadvantages of making contact to a surrogacy clinic however, there is always a risk about the credibility of the clinic and thus a complete research is required before a clinic is contacted.
  • Come to Nepal at Acme IVF to get all the related services with the surrogacy. We have packages for gay, single parents and for people married heterosexually.

Legal Issue with opting for Surrogacy across the Globe

  • In US laws for surrogacy varies from state to state and thus no federal law exists in United States of America.
  • However, in Nepal there are flexible laws pertaining to cost of surrogacy, which makes it easy for parents to adopt the child.
  • Talking particularly about Nepal, the laws are flexible as they are still in budding phase and thus getting surrogacy services here are cheaper and no legalities are involved in the same.
  • Moreover, in countries like Australia and New Zealand, the agreements of surrogacy do not bind one legally and thus the birth mother is considered the real mother.
  • Therefore, it is advised to couples looking for surrogacy options in Australia to have a legal document prepared with the consent of surrogate mother in Australia so that she can in no situation ask for the parental rights.
  • In US after a successful surrogacy, parents still need to go through some legal procedure to get the adoption of the child.
  • In India, parental rights are reserved for intended parents only and thus the surrogate mother has no legal right over the child.
  • In country like Australia, it is important to have a legal document designed for the parental right with the consent of the surrogate so that parental rights can be reserved with the intended parents only.
  • In absence of any such agreement, a surrogate can ask for the custody of the child if she changes her mind due to emotional attachment with the baby born with her.
  • No matter whatever country you choose to get surrogacy services from, it is always advised hiring a surrogacy attorney general to make the agreement between both the parties to avoid further complications.
  • This agreement should clearly state the right of intended as well as the rights (if any) for the surrogate mother.
  • Having such a contract will help parents to reserve their rights if any issues arose after the birth of the child.
  • Besides stating the parental right of the child it is also important to state the financial agreement between the parents and the surrogate.
  • This agreement should also state what should be done when multiple pregnancies occurs from the surrogate in a single attempt.