Surrogacy Process Georgia

Surrogacy Process in Georgia is a process which gives reason to smile all those couples who were struggling from a long period of time to have their own baby but the women with medical issues with her uterus and men with low or poor sperm count are unable to have their own baby naturally. The Surrogacy Process in Georgia helps these couples in conceiving their own baby. The fertility experts in Georgia will hire a surrogate mother for these couples and they will carry the baby for the childless couples in her womb for 9 months until the baby birth and will hand over the baby born to his or her intended parents and the surrogate mothers are being paid for their services in the form of monthly installments and the couple will pay the final balance once the heartbeat of the infant is confirmed through ultrasound.

According to the Surrogacy Process in Georgia, all the surrogates whosoever wish to join the surrogacy program should be between the age group of 21 to 35 years and the fertility experts will examine them properly for their infectious diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis and also they have to pass the physiological testing to become a surrogate mother for childless couples.

Types of Surrogacy Process Georgia

There are two types of Surrogacy Process Georgia (i) Gestational surrogacy and (ii) Traditional surrogacy

(i)            In gestational surrogacy, your fertility expert will use your eggs and mix them with the sperm of your husband for fertilization and once the fertilization occurs the resulted embryo will be transferred into the surrogate’s uterus to establish the successful pregnancy.

(ii)           In traditional surrogacy, your expert will borrow the eggs from the egg donor or use the surrogate mother eggs and fertilize them with your husband sperm to facilitate fertilization. Once the fertilization occurs the resulted embryo will be placed in the uterus of the surrogate mother.

Legal aspects of Surrogacy Process in Georgia

According to Surrogacy Process in Georgia, there is no such legal law applicable for the surrogacy procedure; however, to run the process smooth the fertility expert will ask you and the surrogate mother to sign a mutual concern so that at the end of the procedure no one will be in unstable condition. The Surrogacy Process in Georgia agreement states that the surrogate mother will carry the baby in her womb for 9 months for the couple who wish to have their baby through surrogacy procedure and the intended parents will pay the monthly compensation to the surrogate mother so that she will take her proper care and deliver a healthy baby.

Once the Surrogacy Process in Georgia is completed it’s the responsibility of the intended parents to file a petition in Court for seeking the Court permission to be a legal parent of the baby born through surrogacy procedure. The Court will review the agreement and on that basis, they will order the Department of Vital Statistics to issue a new birth certificate in the name of intended parents as legal parents and surrogate has no relationship with the baby born.


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