Surrogacy With Shipped Frozen Embryos

Frozen Embryo Transfer Surrogacy



IVF – In Vitro Fertilization is a last resort for many couples. Most couples starting IVF have already been through long months of trying to conceive naturally, failed IUI – Intrauterine Insemination – cycles, multiple tests, a lot of frustration and disappointment.

When excess embryos created in the process of IVF are not transferred to the uterus, they can be frozen for future cycles. In a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) cycle, the uterine lining may be prepared using hormones.

The embryo(s) is/are thawed and transferred to the uterus in the same process as in a fresh IVF cycle.

Shipping human embryos to India for surrogacy is an option for many couples who want to avoid the time it takes for the IVF process for surrogate implantation. Although the fertility success rates can decrease up to 50% compared to a fresh egg cycle surrogacy IVF.

Again it is important to keep the advantages & disadvantages of this in mind. High cost of embryo shipment & low success rates versus saving of time & trip abroad. Off course in many cases where the embryo preserved in a cryo lab bank from an earlier attempt, shipment to the IVF implantation fertility centre makes a more attractive option.

So what do I need to do to send frozen sperm embryos to India?

Well, you need to contact ACME Fertility; we need you to put us in touch with the lab in your home country that has frozen your gametes or embryos. Our lab will take up the correspondence with your laboratory and after a registration process with the cryoshipper service, we will send 21 day cryoshipper to your lab in your home country, which will transfer the contents into our cryoshipper, which is brought back safely by DHL. This is a special service which bypasses the X-ray so even your embryos and gametes are not exposed to any x rays at the airport and safely these gametes and embryos are brought to the lab and then transferred into our main tanks and can be stored for as long as you wish for, or for as long as the procedure is scheduled for.

A frozen embryo transfer is used for producing a feasible pregnancy by first thawing the frozen embryo, and then transferring it into a suitably prepared uterus. The treatment to set up a pregnancy with the help of frozen embryos is called a FET cycle.

Success Rates with Frozen Embryo Transfers

Recent advances in embryo freezing have enabled a substantial improvement in success rates. This includes improved embryo survival at thawing and an increase in the clinical pregnancy rate.

However, the fertility success rates can become almost 50% less compared to a fresh egg cycle surrogacy IVF.

ACME Fertility’s well-equipped surrogacy clinics and experienced doctors lead to a perfect trip for couples coming to India for commercial surrogacy. Therefore, people can take their babies back home with minimal paper work and at a very low cost.


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