Surrogate Home – A specially appointed apartment to house pregnant surrogates

  • August 31, 2015

Most of our gestational carriers (surrogates) stay in their own family homes. We do not separate them from their families; they have little kids of their own.

While recruiting the surrogate mother in our program, among the criterea for selecting her is also her living conditions and nutrition and eating habits. A team of social workers from our office visits her home, speaks to her family including mother in law, husband, asseses hygiene in her home and surroundings, her kitchen, her food preparation etc. The audit report is submitted and on careful evaluation, the surrogate found with appropriate lving conditions is selected. If required, her home is supplied with a refrigerator and / or an air cooler.

Surrogate Home – provided by MyraIVF

For surrogates who willingly opt for living in a specially appointed home and for Intended Parents who wish to have their surrogate mother stay in a surrogate home / hostel, we have these 3 – 4 bedroom apartments in Delhi and Mumbai. These homes are well eqipped with a working kitchen, fresh vegeyables, meats, milk and food materials. They have two single beds in each bedroom and the mail hall has a large televison and sitting arrangements. The home is managed by a social worker with the help of a housekeeper.

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