What is Low Sperm Count?

  • July 24, 2017
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The term low sperm means that the men have less or decreased numbers of sperm count or have abnormal sperms is called Oligospermia i.e. low sperm count. Due to this reason, it is difficult for women to get pregnant and this is one of the common causes of male infertility for which your fertility expert will advise your husband to undergo for the Low Sperm Treatment in India.

What causes low sperm count?

The following are the causes of low sperm count:

  1. a) Deficiency of central sperm producing hormones
  2. b) Testicular disorders
  3. c) Partial obstruction
  4. d) Viral orchits
  5. e) Drugs
  6. f) Environmental toxins
  7. g) Defects associated with systemic diseases, Liver diseases, etc.
  8. h) Immotile cilia syndrome
  9. i) Varicoceles
  10. j) Trauma

Once your fertility expert will able to find out the exact causes of low sperm count then within three months of the Low Sperm Treatment in India your husband sperm count will become normal.

Low Sperm Treatment in India

There are various options for Low Sperm Treatment in India and some of them are listed below:

  1. a) Intra-uterine insemination: IUI is the best Low Sperm Treatment in India where motile sperms are selected by using various methods and then they are directly transferred to the women uterine cavity which will improve the rates of pregnancy.
  2. b) Test tube baby: With the use of Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) treatment the test tube baby is also delivered and then the transfer of the embryo to your uterus.
  3. c) Carnitine supplementation: With the help of this supplement the Low Sperm Treatment in India can be done by increasing the production of sperm, with normalization of sperm count in three months.
  4. d) Gonadotropin Therapy: Gonadotropins are most natural stimulators which will increase the sperm production in the testis. The dormant sperm forming cells which are not producing any sperms start dividing and produce multiple immature sperm cells under the stimulating influence of gonadotropins. These sperms are further get matured in next two to three months into mature sperm under the influence of gonadotropin treatment. By using this therapy for the Low Sperm Treatment in India 95% cases of sperm production can be normalized in three to four months. Gonadotropin therapy is a most successful form for Low Sperm Treatment in India till now. In most of the cases of low sperm counts where all other treatments are failed to provide the successful outcome in such case gonadotropin therapy has proved beneficial and provide the successful outcome.

Side effects of Low Sperm Treatment in India

The Low Sperm Treatment in India is a harmless treatment because your fertility expert will give you the well-proven drugs and these medicines you need to purchase yourself from the medical store.

Low Sperm Treatment Cost in India

The Low Sperm Treatment Cost in India is very reasonable and each individual who is looking to have their own baby can avail the benefits of Low Sperm Treatment in India.

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