What is Male Infertility?

  • August 5, 2017

Male fertility generally depends on the quantity and quality of the sperms he produced for fertilization with your egg. In case the number of the sperm of your husband ejaculates is low or are of a poor quality then it will be difficult or sometimes impossible for you to get pregnant.

Male infertility is diagnosed only after when your fertility expert will test both the partners and the reproductive problems have been found in the male member. Though an exact cause of infertility can’t be identified, by your fertility expert and they will recommend your husband some Male Infertility Treatment in India which will help your husband in improving his infertility factor.

Available Male Infertility Treatment in India

The following are the available Male Infertility Treatment in India:

  1. a) IVF-ICSI: ICSI is one of the best treatments which help men to get rid of their infertility factors. ICSI with IVF will increase the chances of the successful pregnancy.

Mumbai is a city where the success rate of ICSI with IVF is around 70 to 80% which is quite high as compared to other cities in India. Male Infertility Treatment in Mumbai has bypassed all the trouble associated with the male member fertility and allows their partner to conceive a baby.

  1. b) Surgery: Surgery is the best option to fulfill your dream of having your own baby in case all other non-surgical Male Infertility Treatment in Mumbai are failed to provide you the successful outcome. By having the surgical Male Infertility Treatment in Mumbai will cure your husband’s infertility problem and the conception can be done at home instead of the laboratory.
  2. c) GIFT (Gamete Intra-Fallopian Transfer): Gamete Intra-Fallopian Transfer is a Male Infertility Treatment in Mumbai which is similar to IVF, and the fertilization in this procedure will occur naturally when your highly skilled IVF specialist will directly place your egg or your husband sperm inside your fallopian tube.
  3. d) Hormonal treatment: Hormonal treatment is a Male Infertility Treatment in Mumbai in which your fertility expert will prescribe you some fertility drugs which will help in rectifying your hormonal imbalances and will also improve the quality of your husband sperms. Clomid is one of the most common fertility drugs that have been used in this procedure and your husband needs to take a pill per day for about three to six months.
  4. e) Treating infections: Your fertility expert will give your husband an antibiotic treatment which helps him to cure an infection of the reproductive tract; however, it does not always restore the fertility.

Male Infertility Treatment Cost in Mumbai

The Male Infertility Treatment Cost in Mumbai is very reasonable and people who wish to have their own baby can easily afford this cost as the Male Infertility Treatment Cost in Mumbai is one-tenth of the cost of male infertility treatment in the other developed countries like the US and the UK.

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