Who should opt for Egg Donation


Reasons for opting for Egg Donation

Basically egg donation is a very attractive practical approach for women who either cannot produce their own eggs, for example women who have attained menopause including those with premature menopause or for example those whose ovaries have been removed surgically or those whose ovaries have been rendered defunct due to radiation or chemotherapy.

It is also the treatment option for those women who cannot produce ‘ good quality’ oocytes ( eggs ) , for example, women with severe endometriosis, or those with severe polycystic ovaries . Thus, following are some of the reasons for selecting the option of egg donation:-

1)      Women with premature ovarian failure ( menopause)

2)      Women who have attained timely menopause but stii desire to have children

3)      Women who have undergone bilateral oophorectomy

4)      Women with poor response to ovarian stimulation

5)      Women with  poor ovarian reserve as judged by –

significantly elevated  follicle stimulating hormone ( FSH ) and very low Anti-mullerian hormone ( AMH ) and very low day 2 antral follicle count

6)      Advanced maternal age, above 38 years

7)      Women with high levels of Anti-ovarian, Anti-thyroglobulin ,and  Anti-microsomal thyroid antibodies

8)      Women who produce poor quality eggs .for example, those with severe endometriosis, or those with severe polycystic ovaries.

Obviously, egg donation is the only option for a single man wanting to start a family.

Donor Candidates

Any woman between the ages of 21-32 who is healthy and has a healthy family history may be initially considered for egg donation. All egg donor candidates must complete a medical history and genetic questionnaire that is reviewed by our staff. The screening process for donors is extensive and selective. Of the 15,000+ women that apply annually, only 3% of the applicants are accepted as a qualified egg donor.

Donor Recruitment

Shady Grove Fertility staff personally recruits, screens, and matches nearly all of the egg donors in our anonymous donor program. Hands on management of the egg donor recruitment is mutually benefitialto the donor and patient. The process allows us to:

  • Manage egg donor compensation – a cost paid for by the recipient.
  • Use local donors to eliminate out of pocket travel and related expenses.
  • Eliminate miscommunication caused by 3rd party coordination.
  • Offer donors and recipients confidence and peace of mind

Do you need donor egg IVF?

There are many ways to build a family! Egg donation is one treatment option you may wish to consider. Some patients may have challenges with diminished ovarian reserve, meaning they have a significant reduction in the quantity and/or quality of their eggs. These patients may opt to utilize an egg donor, allowing them to carry the pregnancy themselves.